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Morning everyone, just a quick update that I now have a Plex server up and going that has some movies and tv shows on it. The server's currently set up on my 2tb external hard drive and there's next to 0 lag. I'll add movies and TV shows as they come and will eventually add music and comic book scans. This server is open for all who want it, however I just ask that donations be tossed my way every now and then. Other then that for security purposes, I'll just need your email address(a invite link will be sent to it). Currently on the server: MOVIES The Bye Bye Man Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Eraser Fireproof Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos Metropolis A Nightmare on Elm Street A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 Saving Private Ryan Star Wars: The Force Awakens Stargate Tron(origional) TV SHOWS Warehouse 13 Season 1 Breaking Bad Season 3
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Morning everyone, Rycon here. Lots of major news. Firstly, i'm no longer a fox. Yes the blog will still be called RyconFox as it's catchy and it's what visitors know. Both the wife and I took a test and the test revealed that I align myself more with that of the Siberian Husky(so yes Mobius, you were right all along). Secondly, the origional template that was here had to be removed as photoshop suspended the image hoster's account and it made the blog look like crap. The next bit of major news is the wife and I have brought Aristide Radio back and as long as the stream stays up, Aristide will keep going. We've made it all rock now from 70s forward and still retain being the official streamer for RFL/Toys for Tots for InWorldz. Since the disbandment of Epic Nation, both me and my brother-in-law have taken to doing YouTube work as potential income. He will retain the Epic Nation blogger account for his stuff while I keep this one going for everything i'm doing. I'd also like to point out my wife Sage will also be playing around with YouTube streaming and the like but in the meantime started what is known as the Fireproof Challange. I'll post more on that as it gets closer. I've also removed my posts about my political views and will refrain from posting them on here as they get me in trouble. That's it for now, Rycon
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Death, Thoughts and Scrapping

Evening everyone. I never know the right way to start posts like these when given an open subject matter to talk about. This morning the wife and I attended a funeral of her uncle who'd passed the week before. He'd given his lift for the the Cicero Fire Dept and then later retired in Arizona where he eventually found himself battling diabetes. After passing, his body was donated to science, was cremated, and sent back here in a pine box because his sister said that's how he'd end up if he didn't get his diabetes under control. Now its been a few years since I've attended a funeral for anyone in my immediate or extended family. Standing there with my wife and her grandma I kept thinking in my mind that in the end I'm the one that's going to be attending everyone's funeral - from my dad right on down to my wife. It's a sad line of thinking but when you've married into a family of medial problems, there's alot to think about. My wife's father suffers from a failed fused neck. My wife has PCOS, a weak heart, Gulf War Syndrome and other mental conditions on top of Colitis. My dad also suffers from Gulf War Syndrome plus high cholesterol and blood pressure. My dad has always been my hero for the way he does things and the way things get done. He's approaching 70 and he's still doing things like he did in his 50s. I'm not complaining. Far from it, and wouldn't trade these people for anything. It just feels like in the end, I'll be the one attending everyone's funeral. Guess we'll see what my mental state is then. I've had alot of people contact me on the forum lately since I haven't been on in awhile. No, I haven't given up E-Waste scrapping and continue to believe in being an end of life processor, however, I'm still looking for resources for material and where to sell that isn't Ebay. Once my stock gets sold, I'll start up scrapping again. In the meantime I've teamed up with a couple of websites that sell video games so I fixed my add that I'm consigning 1/2 sales with anyone who sells video games on the forum. Just recently sold a copy of Battlefield 4 for the 360 through one contact because the other was too low. I'm also still buying baseball cards and can tabs for rates listed. I think I've talked everyone's ear off enough tonight, so until next post- Stay Frosty, Rycon

Hello Internet...

     Hello Internet, alot's happened since posting last. I created this blog with the intent of sharing with everyone my thoughts, feelings, and views on the world around ,me. I've been having nightmares on and off the past few months and they've intensified this past month. The subject matter never leaves me with enough to remember but my wife Nicole says that their usually in reaction to whatever's on the TV(wither it be youtube, netflix, etc..).

     This morning's nightmare was different. This morning's nightmare was about the aftermath of my wife passing away and how I coped with the loss. I love my wife to death. We've been together for seven years and been married 3 years on the 10th of this year. I knew when we met that she had alot of mental and physical issues including PCOS and a weak heart. As a first time married couple we feel we have something most couples don't: Love. There's something in most of these couple's brains that clicks which usualy end in divorce after a couple of years of being married. We still have this connection, this bond, that's unbreakable. Do we argue? You bet - unless you were married in the 50s or 60s any married couple that's never argued once in their marriage needs to be evaluated. I explain a bit more about my marriage and how much I love my wife because when I have nightmares like this one, it hurts. It's a physical pain that wakes me up out of sleep like something's been torn from my chest. With it getting closer to the winter season, Nicole's gotten sicker faster. In fact we'd just gotten home from the hospital because she had blood in her stool that wouldn't stop. ER doctors says it's colidis. Last week when we were there it was something else.

     I thankfully don't get this type of nightmare very often, but when I do, it makes me re-evaluate things. If for some reason Nicole really did pass away, how would I handle it? Would I go insane? Would I be calm as I have been before when I'm around people and secretly cry it out? Would I get severe separation anxiety? Would I attempt suicide just to be with her? These are just a sample of things that run through my head in a matter of minutes when this type of nightmare wakes me up. Thankfully when I do wake up Nicole's right there to comfort me, as I am for her when she's in the hospital. I dread the one time I do wake up and she isn't there. The last time I had such a nightmare was a few months ago when again, she was in the hospital because of something. That time it was when we were told Nicole had a weak heart. I explained everything above to my dr and she put me on blood pressure pills because the stress these nightmares gives me could give me a heart attack(then Nicole would experience everything I would've experienced and I don't wish that on anyone).

     There's no moral to the story but it makes me feel better to write how i'm feeling, wither it be on a blog or talking with Nicole about it. I'm tearing every few words just writing it. I also just got done loosing my Aunt Karen to MS last month. She taught me how to live a little and to live life to it's fullest as it's too short to be stuck up. She taught me the proper way to play poker and told me stories about how when she was younger she use to smoke punks in a stock Buick Riveria. Her mom passed away 10 years before that from a fall in the house, It didn't seem to effect her as much I guess because she was around my dad and me, and felt it was important to try and pass on things that were taught to her so that I didn't come off so stuck up. Honestly I think she did it to rattle my mom because my mom was born from the then rich area of the island.

Thanks for listening internet,
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Virtual Worlds

     So I hear OsGrid was down this past weekend due to server issues. This got me thinking about things and recalled a conversation I had with a friend last week about what needed to be done to bring stability to Second Life like clones. As it stands there's currently 3 major players in this "let's make the best virtual grid ever" game. You have Second Life, OsGrid, and InWorldz. You also have smaller grids poping up all the time and are offline just as quickly as they came. People from these grids who think they can hack it and host their own sim get a rude awaking with setup - download the server, open ports in your router, add the exceptions to firewall software, and hope everything goes good. The problem is 90% of these people either own computers who can't handle running both a server and a client at the same time or have internet that lets them host a sim, but can't invite any friends to come visit. I admit I'm better off then most. I pay for 100/100 true fibre optic internet and almost all the computers in the house are either quad-core or octo-core.

     Back to the conversation with my friend. We were discussing what we thought needed  to be done about these smaller grids that keep poping up everywhere and how to effectively bring people to InWorldz and keep them there. Most that come to InWorldz end up leaving the first day or a few days after. Why? Some have said they were tricked into visiting because it was better then Second Life and more stable then OsGrid. Once there, they realize InWorldz feels exactly like a clone of Second Life. To an extend their right. InWorldz is largely based off of OsGrid, which uses Opensim,which is a release of the Second Life software. The major differences being Second Life and InWorldz are closed non-hypergrid systems where as OsGrid is open, allowing anyone and everyone who wants to start up a server connect without much issue. The problem with being out in the open however is anyone can hypergrid to your server, steal your content, and go back to their grid where your objects now show up as theirs.

     Back before I'd even heard of InWorldz I'd hosted a 2x2 off my quad-core laptop and another 2 sims on a dual-core laptop in OsGrid. I had the then idea to create a furry hang out spot but as time wore on, it was evident why most things don't work in OsGrid. It wasn't until I'd downgraded to a single sim did furs start to visit and they came from their own personal grids, not from within OsGrid itself. Just walking around the mainland mall showed evidence that no one goes there. There's shops everywhere because there's no money system so it's all free.. but in the hour and a half i spent there, no one visited or passed by me. No one was on radar, leading one to conclude that OsGrid's a dead grid. I admit part of InWorldz are the same however, there's structure here. I was able to find people here within five minutes of creating an account. There were close to 200 active people on grid for the 4th of July(bots in InWorldz are scripts, not alts).

     The ideal solution would be to see OsGrid and all of those smaller grids go. Let the big dogs play.
Ever since their major server crash a few years back that saw Kitely, InWorldz, and other grids lend them money to get back and running, they've become a liability. Running on borrowed time before the next major crash ends them permanantly. It was just last year that French grid New World Grid finally called it quits and they were more along then most grids.

It's time to clean house.


     Man oh man has it been a fun few weeks. After I became DJ for Kicking Country, the sim owner decided to change the layout of the sim(which I was cool with) putting down 24 shops people count rent. Then decided to remove the race track on Xanadu Lake and put down an additional 24 shops people could rent. In the midst of that, the sim owner put Kicking Country in the middle of Xanadu Lake and gave me the center of Xanadu Plaza where I put up a Furry/Neko Welcome center with an additional club upstairs.
     Scrapping wise I could swear the summer brings out everyone who wants to get rid of stuff but doesn't want to lift a finger to deliver it or work with you. That and everyone wants to get rid of their CDs. Was also recently told that Best Buy has decided to stop taking CRTs for free, which I knew would happen sooner or later as Best Buy's in the market to make money. Doesn't matter to me as I don't accept CRTs no matter how good, how bad, or how many of them you have. Was talking to Upstate Shredding's staff about things and found out that some big shot from Canada came down and underhandedly bought Metallico, even though Ben had the majority shares. A lawsuit against this company was launched and they settled that this company would stay owner of Metallico but Ben would be allowed to keep his shares. Either way it made the stock price jump to over $10/share.
     Also learned Roth Steele was purchased by the city of Syracuse this past week. Their going to spend the money required to cleanup the mess Roth left behind and use the land for the Destiny USA Project that was proposed 5 years ago. I personally would love to see the project completed, as the setup looks nice(saw an overview image once). Also this week a company stepped in to save Great Northern Mall(which is good) and their going to try and bring the mall back to it's former glory so the business partner from the previous company can get paid(something like 65mil).

Fun stuff.
Stay Frosty Everyone,

Yep It's Official...

Yep I'm a DJ in InWorldz, and my in-world daughter Sage is my host. I'd give away who she is in real life but she'd kill me so enjoy this picture of the club instead. My set's will be every friday from 7-9pm PST and if you can't make it in-world, we'll be using the FOUSE Radio stream so you can take the stream on the go or listen on your pc.


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