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Friday, February 26, 2016

    Good Morning everyone, I sit here this morning contemplating the valleys final project: my last contribution. To those that know me and my avatar Rycon Bamaisin, I dabble in opensim alot as it's an alternative to build and do whatever I want without issue. Recently I was brought aside by one of the folks I relay with in SL and told about another virtual world that has everything OsGrid has and most of what SL has. Those that really know me know I like to be thorough and won't jump at something just to do it, so I started comparing InWorldz to Second Life and the differences are staggering.

        1. In SL a full 256x256 region contains a max of 15,000 prims whereas in Inworldz, a full
            256x256 region contains a max of 45,000 prims.

        2. In SL a full region costs $1,000 to set up and $300/mo to run. In InWorldz a full region costs
            $0 to set up and $75/mo to run.

        3.The exchange rate in SL fluxuates depending on how cheap or forgiving LL wants to be. In
            Inworldz the exchange rate is stable.

        4. In SL there use to be a discount applied to sim owners if they were able to bring people in,
            then got rid of it. In InWorldz, this discount still exists.

        5. In SL all the official bodies are close-minded and not willing to help anyone just to help
            anyone. In InWorldz, everyone around you is helpful and full of information.

        6. In SL uploads cost L$10/ea and mesh price is calculated. In Inworlds all uploads are free.

        This is why my contribution to the fur valleys will be done in stages where each stage somehow fundraises $750 to bring 10 regions online(there were 37 in the origional lineup). This will also help jump start the furry fandom in InWorldz where a fandom has yet to exist or survive. In doing this I would also attempt to bring origional valley owners Mako, Wolphin, and Foxkin over to make them valley owners as the price of regions and amount of prims per region should be exciting enough, but you never know. I'd also like to point out that if anyone steps forward and pruchases a region(s) or has an existing region that wants to joint the valleys, there would be a set of rules everyone would have to follow. These rules would become the Fur Valley Rules and all regions that make up the valleys would have to follow them.

    In creating the valleys, each region owner would become a valley owner and admins would become valley admins to further create the community aspect. Valley Owners would come together weekly to discuss things going on the valleys much like how community elders would come together to discuss things going on in their community. I was teetering on wither or not the regions should have the closed off island look that use to be there or have a more communial look like Bay City. Either way the valleys would be home to furs and nekos only but anyone could come and visit(wither a fur or neko is a region owner or not).

    I foresee several creative minds going to work scripting, sculpting, and building. Fox Valley would become the HQ for the valleys and would contain a welcome center, rental agency, and beach club spot for FOUSE radio. It would also start a snake of commercial properties that would start at Fox Valley and go down into Rabbit Valley. Furry Park would once again become the sandbox for the valleys. Cub Conclave/Kit Estates would reestablish the Cubfur area that use to exist there and would include a rp school and adoption center.

    This is where I stand. It's obvious it will only be a matter of time till all the major groups leave SL and I don't want to be left without an out. InWorldz has so much to offer. Yes alot of things we would have to remake or rescript but since uploads are free, remaking stuff should be that much easier. If anyone wishes to help contribute, please let me know by sending donations to paypal logansryche at gmail dot com with the subject line of Fur Valleys IW Donation.

Thanks everyone, Matt

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