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    I got bored and Zootopia's sweeping through the USA like a plague still so I went over to E621 just to see what was what after a bunch was posted over twitter, and was both shocked and amazed that it took 3 pages of cutness before the stuff got slutty, which is where I found this image. To those of us who've been in the fandom the longest, this image holds a special meaning. The furry fandom really didn't take off per say until about 1979/1980-ish, even though some were holding partys before that. The major thing at that time was Disney's 1967 classic Robin Hood about an anthropomorphic fox who rescues another anthropomorphic fox while fighting off a lion, a bear, and a snake. That move started a trend in people.. I mean, Maid Marion >^,^<.

    Ahemm.. anywho, this move and Aristocats started what is today's modern furry fandom. Yes true you had other movies the helped like Rockadoodle, but those two movies is where it began. The image depicted is Robin Hood passing on the torch sort of speak to Nick Wilde. You have a movie that was 100% marketed to the fandom by a company that are full of furs themselves(though no one but Roy will admit it) which outbeat Frozen! Nick Wilde will do for this generation and generations to follow what Robin Hood did for the previous generations and that is most awesome. I might be reading into it too much but I'm not alone. If you haven't seen Zootopia yet, go see it. -Rycon

We Have a House!

Since coming to InWorldz a friend of the wife and mine works real close with RFL. So much so he gave me a house so I have a place I can set a home point to(instead of the back of the Gashapon shop). Enjoy the pix. -Ry
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New Project

New project on the board as I slowly buy up the open shops in Xanadu Plaza: Freelance Real Estate. This shop will be set up to have estate listings throughout InWorldz. To the best of my knowledge no one else does it and I don't believe it breaks any TOS or agreements. I figured it would give me something to do as I think of product to shove into my Gashapon machines. -Rycon
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     Yeah I know what I said but after posting what I posted and thought about it some more, having the Gashapon shop on it's own blog helps me when it comes to posting about new products and the like. Speaking of which, I have 2 shop spaces open next to me I'm trying to decide what to do with em. I either want to put a real estate office in one which will feature plots of land up for rent throughout InWorldz, and another type of shop in the other or two different types of shops or something... reply here and tell me what should go in there. It's an effort to make the mall look full as it's currently empty HOWEVER the sim owner has not endored nor supports this move but I'm sure would appreciate it. -Rycon
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