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Monday, April 4, 2016

    Been thinking long and hard since coming to InWorldz about how to best transfer over what the Fur Valleys is and what it means. My interpretation of the valleys is a collection of sims named after a animal with the name valley after it to provide a place for furs to do what they do best. If you look back into the history of the valleys, it started with one sim in the Chung Estates of SL and became it's own sim after disagreements. Since renting a fairly large parcel from Calia Estates, I decided to wonder over to their main office and discovered the sim I rent on is apart of a set of sailable sims right off the mainland called The Crystal Sea. This is a collection of 55 sims right off the Eastern part of the Mainland. I see this as the opportunity the valleys has been looking for.

    The idea would be to raise enough IZ to buy up the sims but keep them in the Calia Estates and have then renamed after an animal, and thereby renaming The Crystal Sea to The Fur Valleys. This would look good on both parties because it would show that Calia Estates is Fur/Neko friendly, and would provide a home for the valleys. Now comes the fun part: raising IZ to make it happen. By looking at the rental boards, it would take 192,000IZ to rent out a sim per month(roughly $350/mo). The valleys would start on Jersey and once that sim is rented out and becomes sustainable, I'd move on to Glenan as Crystal Pass is non-livable but is sailable. I don't expect anyone to jump on board with this unless their willing to toss cash at this to create a community. I believe the road's been pained, -Matt

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