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Thursday, April 28, 2016

     Man oh man has it been a fun few weeks. After I became DJ for Kicking Country, the sim owner decided to change the layout of the sim(which I was cool with) putting down 24 shops people count rent. Then decided to remove the race track on Xanadu Lake and put down an additional 24 shops people could rent. In the midst of that, the sim owner put Kicking Country in the middle of Xanadu Lake and gave me the center of Xanadu Plaza where I put up a Furry/Neko Welcome center with an additional club upstairs.
     Scrapping wise I could swear the summer brings out everyone who wants to get rid of stuff but doesn't want to lift a finger to deliver it or work with you. That and everyone wants to get rid of their CDs. Was also recently told that Best Buy has decided to stop taking CRTs for free, which I knew would happen sooner or later as Best Buy's in the market to make money. Doesn't matter to me as I don't accept CRTs no matter how good, how bad, or how many of them you have. Was talking to Upstate Shredding's staff about things and found out that some big shot from Canada came down and underhandedly bought Metallico, even though Ben had the majority shares. A lawsuit against this company was launched and they settled that this company would stay owner of Metallico but Ben would be allowed to keep his shares. Either way it made the stock price jump to over $10/share.
     Also learned Roth Steele was purchased by the city of Syracuse this past week. Their going to spend the money required to cleanup the mess Roth left behind and use the land for the Destiny USA Project that was proposed 5 years ago. I personally would love to see the project completed, as the setup looks nice(saw an overview image once). Also this week a company stepped in to save Great Northern Mall(which is good) and their going to try and bring the mall back to it's former glory so the business partner from the previous company can get paid(something like 65mil).

Fun stuff.
Stay Frosty Everyone,

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