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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Evening everyone. I never know the right way to start posts like these when given an open subject matter to talk about. This morning the wife and I attended a funeral of her uncle who'd passed the week before. He'd given his lift for the the Cicero Fire Dept and then later retired in Arizona where he eventually found himself battling diabetes. After passing, his body was donated to science, was cremated, and sent back here in a pine box because his sister said that's how he'd end up if he didn't get his diabetes under control. Now its been a few years since I've attended a funeral for anyone in my immediate or extended family. Standing there with my wife and her grandma I kept thinking in my mind that in the end I'm the one that's going to be attending everyone's funeral - from my dad right on down to my wife. It's a sad line of thinking but when you've married into a family of medial problems, there's alot to think about. My wife's father suffers from a failed fused neck. My wife has PCOS, a weak heart, Gulf War Syndrome and other mental conditions on top of Colitis. My dad also suffers from Gulf War Syndrome plus high cholesterol and blood pressure. My dad has always been my hero for the way he does things and the way things get done. He's approaching 70 and he's still doing things like he did in his 50s. I'm not complaining. Far from it, and wouldn't trade these people for anything. It just feels like in the end, I'll be the one attending everyone's funeral. Guess we'll see what my mental state is then. I've had alot of people contact me on the forum lately since I haven't been on in awhile. No, I haven't given up E-Waste scrapping and continue to believe in being an end of life processor, however, I'm still looking for resources for material and where to sell that isn't Ebay. Once my stock gets sold, I'll start up scrapping again. In the meantime I've teamed up with a couple of websites that sell video games so I fixed my add that I'm consigning 1/2 sales with anyone who sells video games on the forum. Just recently sold a copy of Battlefield 4 for the 360 through one contact because the other was too low. I'm also still buying baseball cards and can tabs for rates listed. I think I've talked everyone's ear off enough tonight, so until next post- Stay Frosty, Rycon

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